locating the point of incision using mcburneys point

Citing the point of incision for an open appendectomy relies on the surgeons knowledge of mc burnies point.

McBurneys Point
- Name given to the point over the right side of the abdomen that is one third of the distance from the anterior superior iliac spine to the umbilicus.
- This point roughly corresponds to the most common location of the base of the appendix where it is attached to the caecum.

umbilicus = belly button for any plebs out there.

Additional Points:
- Tenderness suggests the evolutuon of acute appendicitis to a later stage, thus the increasd likelihood of rupture.
- other abdominal processes can also sometimes cause tenderness at mcburneys point.
- Therefore, this sign is highly useful but neither necessary nor sufficient to make a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

- A lance incision crosses mcburneys point in the skin crease ( used more in women as a bikini mark for those who are conscious of cosmetic appearance
- A grid iron incision which in line with the fibers of the external obligue, crossed mcburneys point perpendicular to the iliac spine.
- A lower mid line incision may be preferred in cases of diagnostic uncertainty.


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