Manufacturers of Medical Simulators

I did some research into companies that manufacture training devices for surgery procedures, some of which are the likes of:

Lifelike Bio Tissue
3D systems
The Chamberlain Group
Limbs + Things
Medical X

to name a few..... But observing some of the products on display has given us a few insights. First of all is the look, the colours used and the so called "medical branding" that is associated with such products, this is a great inisght to keep in mind for the future when we are designing our model.

But also, a really cool insight into how training devices only really cover 1 specific task. What happens if something goes wrong? Why isnt so called scenario based training used in medical training simulators, i mean after all, they are performing surgery on human beings, surely they need to be prepared for the unknown. As the saying goes, "fail to prepare, prepare to fail".

Maybe an interesting avenue to explore?


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