Med Tech Galway 2017

A nice little break presented itself when myself and Ryan got the opportunity to travel down to galway for the day and check out the Med Tech Ireland conference in the Radisson Blu in Galway. Bright and early, we hoped on the 7.30am train to Galway, I wouldnt consider myself that much of a morning person,( I had forgotten people wake up as such ungodly hours since my return to college) however it was nice to get a change of scenery for the day and take our minds off the project (albeit for a brief few hours).

Once we arrived, we soon found ourselves surrounded by professionals of the medical world, surgeons, manufacturers, sales reps and the likes. First up on the agenda was a talk on the the future of health care. As we sat down in the conference room, in the most irish way possible, it seemed the organiser of the even hadnt bothered keep to the schedule of what was listed in the programme at the allocated time and decided to let another speaker make his presentation. This was a nice way to finally wake myself up as the subject was fascinating. Dr Colin Pierce delivered a talk on robotics and the benefit of operating using robotics versus laparoscopic and open techniques. The university hospital Limerick is the first of its kind to be using such a technique, all started by Dr Pierce. It was fascinating to hear how it not only benefits the patient in terms of recovery time but also with the surgeon aswell. The machines used to perform the technique that even if the surgeon is tired or needs help, he can pass the control to another computer in the room who can then take over.

After the talks, we headed into the main hall where companies had booths set up, showcasing how great they were and what they were doing. I have to say, from observing what we saw, the only dissappointment I had was that there were no real design companies there, it was predominantly manufacturing companies, whether it be ones that manufacture pre designed parts in bulk or others that do what ever your design requires. But what was interesting was how 3D printing is coming into the medical device space. There were a number of 3D printing companies there which really opened my eyes into the infinite possibilities that it creates for the medical world. Its really humbling to see this becoming more of a thing, the future is looking bright.


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