First Post

For newcomers, Welceome! This blog was set up by Robert Wylie, Cristina Purtill and Ryan Patzoeld, 3 Medical Design Masters students, to document our process on a project exploring the operating procedure of an open appendectomy.

In the coming weeks, we aim to display our process, from research through to final concept, highlighting our landmark insights along our project journey.

Aim of this project is to understand the process of permorming an open appendectomy so we can create a task analysis, showing step by step the process of performing the operation. This will then lead us to create a high fidelity simulator that can be used to train student surgeons on performing the operation.

Main Outcomes.

We aim to provide address the key learning objectives in our high fidelity simulator neccessary for completing the operation. What makes this procedure particularly difficult to perform? What tools are used? What problems are there with current simulators on the market at the moment, and what do students who use these in a classroom environment think?


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